Diablo II MAP Editor                      By  Paul  SIRAMY

Overview : Layer toggle, zoom, multi-selection

Objects editing

Tiles editing

Paths editing

Copy/paste Tiles : useful real-time preview
View accurate infos of Tiles
A toy : Night preview

Objects are almost like in the Game


Main ZIPs

Compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and using the library Allegro v 4.4.2.
win_ds1edit_20111030.zip (5.76 MB), 05 November 2011

Just in case, an older version : compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0 and using the library Allegro v 4.2.1.
win_ds1edit_20070423.zip (607 kB), 23 April 2007

Don't forget to read the README.TXT that tells how the editor works.

To see a better documentation than the README.TXT, check this documentation page as it contains screenshots and small tutorials.

Stand-alone DEMO version

If you don't have the game Diablo II, but still want to try the editor, then you have to use this special package. It is composed of the regular editor's files, an additional directory that contains a selection of graphical files, and a modified ds1edit.ini.

  • Get the zip file : win_ds1edit_demo.zip (4.83 MB), 23 April 2007
  • Un-zip it somewhere on your hard-disk (keep the directory structure when extracting !)
  • You should obtain something like this :

(enlarge picture)

  • Double-click on the "Demo with 2 maps.bat" file, and the editor is initialising :

(enlarge picture)

  • When it has finished you can fully edit Tristram and the Cairn Stones maps :
(enlarge picture)
(enlarge picture)

Source Code (Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, Allegro 4.4.2)

win_ds1edit_20111030_src.zip (160 kB), 05 November 2011, 25326 lines of code


Main link, ds1edit (in the Phrozen Keep's Tools Forum)

Win32 version, win_ds1edit, console version, all Windows platform

If troubles, try to check here

General help

Contact : siramy_paul@yahoo.com