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You can find the ZIP version of this doc here, so you can take all your time to read it (123 KB).

The source of the work-in-progress program that I use is here (57 KB, uncompressed).


This page is dedicated to the description of the structure of the D2S file, as far as I can understand it. I originally wanted to make a program that could allow you to edit all things in your Diablo II savegames (stats, skills, quests, waypoint, mercenary, items, ...)

It exists a lot of programs on Internet that lets you edit this things already. If I wanted to make my own, it's because most of them didn't worked mith my personnal savegames (version problem). Also, it's just fun to understand how your favorite game works :)

By the time I was trying to gain knowledge, by searching documentations on internet, I saw theses docs were most of the time : rare, incomplete, sometimes not accurate, and hard to understand certain passages. The first thing to do was to acquire a knowledge of the D2S file as complete as possible. So, I started to make my own documentation. It's the most difficult quest I have ever had in this game ;) . This doc is the result of many hours (weeks ?) trying to verify the docs I had, and figure out the rest.

Today I think I can only maintain an html reference, because it is already such lot of works...


I especially want to thanks The Diablo 2 Save Game Mapping Project created by :
    • Lee Hamel (Juicy)
    • Glenn C. (Mephiston)
    • Terje B. (Instant)
    • Mike Harrison (Polaris)
    • IceTeaMan
    • Sephiroth
They released their D2S file documentation with an editor called Juicy's Diablo 2 Save Game Editor. It had made my life a LOT more easier. You should check Lee's Funk and Juice Hut for last updates of the editor.

I also want to give a BIG thanks to Jamella, for his editor, and the release of the source. You can check the last version of his editor at Jamella home page.

Another great program to use is the CV5 program by TheTelamon. You can navigate trough the datas of your MPQ files, and even extract them.


You had pointed a mistake in the doc ? You want to add your own infos ? You had the courage to point out all my spelling error ? Whatever your raisons are, you can contact me at


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